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  • Jennifer Kincheloe

The Woman in the Camphor Trunk

Good news for those of you who read THE SECRET LIFE OF ANNA BLANC and are hunkering for a sequel. Book two in the Anna Blanc mystery series will be in bookstores in Fall of 2017. The new book is titled THE WOMAN IN THE CAMPHOR TRUNK, and the victim is named after my former agent, Elizabeth Bonsor. I'm grateful to Liz, who discovered my work on a website and reached out to me on Linkedin. To show my appreciation, I've murdered her and stuffed her in a trunk.

The book is set in 1908 in Los Angeles' Chinatown soon after Anna comes back from the beach in Summerland. When the body of a young, white missionary woman is found in the apartment of her Chinese lover, Anna and her former beau, Joe Singer, are on the case. (Yes, former. It's complicated. You'll have to read the book.) They form a fragile alliance with Mr. Jones, a handsome, Yale-educated Chinese doctor who mistrusts the LAPD. And well he should.

More on the plot later.

If you'd like a preview of THE WOMAN IN THE CAMPHOR TRUNK I'm going to post the first two chapters on this website for everybody on my mailing list. (Sign up for my mailing list to get the secret password here)



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