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Totally different. Totally awesome. THE BODY IN GRIFFITH PARK on Mysteryrat's Maze Podcast

I love, love, love radio plays, audiobooks, and being read to out loud by my husband, who is both dramatic and has a cute British accent. Mysteryrat's Maze Podcast features actors performing short mystery stories or the first chapters of mystery novels. It's the exact kind of thing I adore.

I jumped for joy when they decided to produce the first chapter of THE BODY IN GRIFFITH PARK for their show.

Many of you know and love Moira Quirk's performance of THE BODY IN GRIFFITH PARK on audiobook. Now, may I present Casey Ballard, another talented actor, who interprets Anna Blanc very differently. I love them both!

Click on the book below to hear Casey's interpretation of THE BODY IN GRIFFITH PARK on Mysteryrat's Maze Podcast. Then click on the audiobook cover below the book cover to hear Moira's interpretation of Anna.

You will see what I mean.

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