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  • Jennifer Kincheloe

A Whole New Look for the Anna Blanc Series

I loved the cover of THE SECRET LIFE OF ANNA BLANC, book one in the Anna Blanc mystery series. But, some readers said it didn't capture the humorous tone of the book. When Nicole Lecht, graphic designer extraordinaire, mocked up a cover for THE WOMAN IN THE CAMPHOR TRUNK, we all loved it. It went well with the first cover and featured the same cover model.

But, the sales team said it didn't look funny.

Nicole went back to the drawing board and came up with an entirely new direction for the series. She went graphic and I LOVE it. Going forward, all Anna Blanc books will have a similar look. The new design captures the whole humorous-historical-mystery-with-a-strong-romantic-subplot thing a little bit better.

Don't you think?

Down the road, we'll redesign the cover for book one so they match.

Here is the almost-cover for book two--the one we aren't going to use. It's beautiful too, but forget you ever saw it!!!

And remember, you can pre-order THE WOMAN IN THE CAMPHOR TRUNK wherever books are sold. Like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Tattered Cover, and Kobo.



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